Ars nova quartet

Classical String quartets:

J.Haydn: String quartets
M.Glinka: String quartet F dur
G.Galinin: String quartet 2
G.Donizetti: String quartet 18
W.A.Mozart :String quartet 17
W.A. Mozart: Divertimento in D major
W.A. Mozart: Divertimento in B major
W.A. Mozart: Divertimento in F major
W.A. Mozart: Eine kleine nachtmusic
S.Rachmaninov: The first uncompleted quartet
F.Schubert: The Death and the Maiden
D. Schostakovitch: String quartets 3, 8
P.Tchaikovsky: String quartets 1
E.Villa- Lobos: String quartet 1
Quartet on the theme B-La-Fa

Classical pieces:

J.S.Bach: Air
J.S.Bach: Andante from sonata
for a violin 3
L.Boccherini: Minuet
L.V.Beethoven: Minuet
B.Bartok: The Romanian dances
Y.Brahms: The Hungarian dance 2
Y.Haydn: Minuet of the bull
C.Gluck: Andante
E.Grieg: The Norwegian dance
Diniku: Hora staccato
F.Kreisler: Small Viennese march
F.Kreisler: Torments of love
F.Mendelssohn : Wedding march
W.A. Mozart: Gavotte From the opera
N.Paganini: Kantabile
S.Prokofiev: March from an opera
" Love to three oranges "
R.Schuman: Dreams
J.Strauss: The Viennese blood
A.Khachaturyan: Fragments from ballet
D.Schostakovitch: Polka
D.Schostakovitch: Sentimental waltz

Astor Piazzolla:

Adios Nonino
Tango from "Scent of a women"
La muerte del Angel


Popular pieces:

Besame mucho
T.Cottrau: Santa Lucia
E.Delfino: Vals Americano
E.Di Capua: O sole Mio
Sh.Dumon: Padam, Padam
I.Dunaevsky: Polka
I.Dunaevsky: Sentimental waltz
I.Dunaevsky: Rumba
I.Dunaevsky: The French
cabaret singer
D.Kramer: The dancing violinist
F.Lemark: In Paris
Monti: Czardas
O.Strok: The lunar rhapsody
Tango " Sparks of champagne "
Tango The tired sun
Tango Smoke from cigarette
Tango Autumn
Vilierdo The Argentina tango
Z.Fernandes: Chelita
Hora Nazional dance of Moldavia
U.Ziro: Under the sky of Paris
Imagination on themes
of ancient waltzes

G.Gershwin: Bidin`s My Time

S.Joplin: Country Club

With the soloists:

Mozart: Quartets with a flute
J.S.Bach: Minuet and joke
A.Vivaldi: Concert G-dur
S Rachmaninov: Polka
F.Schubert: The musical moment

V.A.Mozart: Church sonates

A Vivaldi: Concert for two violins Bdur
A Vivaldi: Concert for two violins Adur

A.Vivaldi: Stabat Mater
A.Vivaldi: Nisi Dominus

Song of the singer behind a stage
from the opera "Rafael"
D.Bizet: Serenada
V.Kozin: Autumn
A.Rozenfeld: Mine happiness
Ancient Russian romance: Only of time
The Italian song: Passion
The Italian song: The soldier in love
P.Tchaikovsky: I remember


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